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Easily create a platform for two-sided markets

You don’t want to start from scratch, do you? We all need support at times and sometimes we even need it to be able to support someone else. The answer to this is a dedicated two-way support platform for sharing knowledge. Dedicated online support can overcome distances, shortages and thresholds. This is what the MySupportSuite platform is made for; it’s easy to set up and complete in functionality.

Key Features

Start a platform without any development hassle

For two-sided markets

Designed for online knowledge sharing and support platforms. We offer a fully integrated chat function where you can exchange videos, images and documents.

Guided selection process

A guided selection process for each topic or subject leads you to the right support.

Contracts, billing, payment & reviews

Pre-configured tools for contracts, billing, payment options and reviews.

Marketing & branding integration

Brandable and connectable to your company site and easy to adapt to your corporate appearance.

A solution for

Discover how your business can grow through MySupportSuite

Our platform can be used for a wide range of industries because of all the different features. MySupportSuite offers a platform built for two-sided markets. It provides an excellent solution for demand and supply specifically for knowledge sharing.               Take a look at the following examples:


Company knowledge share

Use the available knowledge: create a flexible medium to support each other. 

Legal platforms

Create a two-sided platform to get legal help and advice.


Industrial services

Connect technicians to industrial companies for support and industrial maintenance.


Support and customer service companies

Easily connect customers and support experts.

Export companies

Create a two-sided platform for customs declarations and more.

Tutors for homework

Make homework support possible for teachers and students.

Nanny agencies

Create a platform where parents can find a good and caring nanny.

Technical service providers

Make a platform to connect clients with technical experts.

Demand and supply platforms

Create any demand and supply platform you like.

Investors and moneylenders

Create a two-sided platform where people can lend and borrow money.


Freelancer platforms

Create a two-sided platform to find a freelancer.

Computer/gadget related jobs

Create an instant jobs platform for computer experts.

What They’re Saying

Our Customers

The platform is one of the promising MySupportSuite customers. SupportPoints is selected for the Techleap Y Combinator challenge to become one of the most promising startups of 2020 in The Netherlands.

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Why MySupportSuite

Stay focused on your core business. We’ll take care of the rest.

MySupportSuite provides you with all the functionalities you need to create great customer experiences.

Practical and simple setup for a two-way platform.

Lease construction; no risks to future results.

No development costs and no depreciation after X amount of years.

Immediately applicable.

No more (expensive) learning moments.

New features added periodically.

Request a Free Demo

We understand that you will want to test the software for yourself.  This is why we offer a free demo of our platform.