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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MySupportSuite unique?

MySupportSuite offers a new and efficient solution for cooperation between (external) parties. You can communicate online, share documents, draw up contracts and easily make payments. MySupportSuite is also suitable for customer acquisition and customer service.

Which customers use MySupportSuite?

SupportPoints is a customer of MySupportSuite.

Is MySupportSuite also available for mobile phones and tablets?

Yes, you can use MySupportSuite on both mobile phones and tablets. The screen display is responsive so automatically adjusts to each device. This creates a user friendly website and customer experience.

What is MySupportSuite’s security like?

The safety of your data on MySupportSuite has our full attention. Your safety is our safety so we do our best to protect it. This is not for marketing reasons; your safety is part of our reason for existence. All our applications and servers have been provided with the utmost protection. Additionally, we pursue an active information security policy. For example, we regularly apply attack & penetration tests on our systems.

Where is the data stored?

All data is stored in Firebase. Firebase is a development platform for mobile web applications and was taken over by Google in 2014.

Can MySupportSuite also be used as a monitoring tool?

MySupportSuite can give you real-time insights into all messaging and chat traffic.

With which applications does MySupportSuite collaborate?

We use WordPress, Flamelink and Firebase as our CMS systems. We store the data and build everything in Firebase. For all payments methods we use Stripe and PayPal. Finally, we use Twilio for sending all messaging and chat traffic.

Is it easy to adjust the layout of the website?

Absolutely. We use WordPress which means it’s easy to adjust the layout to your brand identity.

Which payment system does MySupportSuite offer?

MySupportSuite offers several payment methods varying from Stripe to iDeal and PayPal. Customers do not have to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. They can simply use their credit card or bank account.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

We offer several contact options. You can email us via the contact form on our website or use the WhatsApp button on the homepage. Of course, you can also call us via t. +316 38 93 84 11.

Request a Free Demo

We understand that you will want to test the software for yourself. This is why we offer a free demo of our platform.